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ILMC '21 MARCH 14 -
aPRIL 16


If there's a way we can help, and it's within our reach, then it's our privilege. Helping others starts with generosity. Partner with us to maximize our reach and give at any time to the I Love My City initiative at and select "ourREACH & Missions" from the dropdown menu.

03 SET IT UP (4/5-4/11)

Do you have the spiritual gift of organization? This is the week that we gather and strategize to go out and make a difference. Hours of behind-the-scenes preparation culminate into the serve teams' rallies!

04 BE A PART (REACH WEEK 4/12-4/16)

Monday 4/12: Teacher Appreciation

Hey Fam! Let’s REACH those who TEACH!
Come and help us shower our fearless educators in encouragement and appreciation as they continue to navigate molding minds in an ever-changing environment. Our teachers have gone above and beyond to not only teach our children, but learn how to stay positive in the midst of the unknown. During Reach Week, let’s not only feed their tummies with CFA, but also their hearts with our gratitude and kindness!

Doing a lunch drop-off for 32 schools means 32 opportunities to show our teachers just how much they mean to us. It’s our pleasure!

XRKids Kindness Cards

Kindness is fun! Generosity is fun! Encouragement is fun!
Bring the whole family to the kickoff of reach week as kids of all ages (adults too!) create and compose Kindness cards to be sent to elderly, teachers, and those in addiction recovery throughout Reach Week!

Kids ages 0-11 will discover the “why” behind the creation of the cards and the “who” they are going to bless as they journey from station to station — snack station, imagination station, prayer station, creation station, and celebration station!

Tuesday 4/13: Teacher Appreciation:

Wednesday 4/14: Teacher Appreciation:

Brooke's House
Let’s utilize F.U.N. as we drop off at this incredible facility!
F is for family! We’re all a part of God’s family and we’re giving these members a little boost this week with our kindness cards. U is for united! We’re coming together to continue our encouragement of these overcomers and their walk in recovery. N is for never alone! When we show up with generous hearts and hands full of encouragement, we can further the foundations of safety and stability in Christ.

Bring love and support to the residents of Brooke’s House by volunteering to drop off the many items collected through the I Love My City collection weeks preceding Easter. Be a part of the stocking of supplies and the paying it forward, knowing your generosity has made a difference in the lives of so many of these ladies. Sober-living is a reality thanks to Brooke’s House! Register:

Thursday 4/15: Teacher Appreciation:

MURM Chapel Renovation

The men of our men's connect groups have been hard at work creating a space where Christ is magnified!

It's been on our Pastor's heart that when the men who frequent and reside at the mission walk into the chapel, they are walking into a different environment. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom, so this reach week, we are reminding them of that! From top to bottom, the west wing of the Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission has been restored with new flooring, ceiling tiles, paint, and furniture. Now, it's time to celebrate with the finishing touches, prayer in the space, and serving dinner to the residents and guests.

Friday 4/16: Teacher Appreciation: