Join Your Team

Crossroads Church is built not on the talents of a few, but the service of many. Utilizing personal giftings and passions, our Serve Team is all about serving God by serving others.

Serve Team Values

Love God.

We grow and develop our relationship with God and His calling on our lives.

Love People.

We take on a servants heart with a can-do spirit.

Pursue Excellence.

We give our best by doing things well, before we're asked and more than is expected.

Choose joy.

We are intentional, positive and maintain a breathless awe of God and what we get to be part of.

Serve Teams

Greeting Team

Everyone knows that first impressions are extremely important, and, as part of the Greeting Team, you’ll be leading the charge making sure everyone feels welcomed, loved, and excited for service!

Position Tasks:
Greet guests with a high-five, handshake, fist bump, or whatever gesture fits your style!Help guide people to the front entrance and answer any initial questions they might have before entering in the building.Coordinate with Parking Team to ensure that guests follow parking lot rules and regulations to safely enter the church building.

Associated Spiritual Gifts:
Encouragement (comforter and counselor) Evangelism (outgoing and well-spoken) Apostleship (well-spoken and worldly)

Parking Lot

As part of the Parking Team, you will be the first face that incoming attendees see! Not only do we bring the smiles and waves, but we're in charge of making sure people get parked legally and safely - it's kind of like a fun game of Tetris. 

Position Task:
Monitor and direct traffic to ensure cars get from the busy streets to parking lot. Manage areas of the parking lot so that all spots are full and parked legally. Coordinate walkways so that attendees can walk inside safely. Communicate with other team members to help people into the building and ensuring guests experience a safe environment before and after services.

*16+ years old (or accompanied by an adult)

Service (unselfish and practical) Evangelism (outgoing and well-spoken) Mercy (empathetic and caring)


The mission of the Hospitality Team is to receive our guests into God's house with the same level of love, generosity, and care our Father shows each of us. If you're a coffee enthusiast, love feeding others, taking care of the details, or simply have an interest in making people feel welcome then our team is a perfect fit for you! 

Position Tasks:
Help provide refreshments for our guests, refueling our Serve Team, and maintaining a warm, clean atmosphere. Assist with setting up cafe stations and hand deliver coffee/tea/specialty drinksMonitor, clean, and refill coffee stations as needed before and in-between services. Clean and dry all coffee tools and containers to ensure they are ready for the next service.

Associated Spiritual Gifts:
Hospitality (detail-oriented and welcoming) Mercy (empathetic and caring) Service (unselfish and practical)

Safety & Security

The Safety Team knows how to stay cool under pressure. In the church world, we’ve got Jesus to save people from their sins; but we've got our Safety Team to offer assistance in the case of emergencies and as well as ensuring our building is a safe place. So, if you have previous military, law enforcement, or medical experience, we'd love to chat with you about our Safety Team.
Keep your head on a swivel and quickly determine the threat level for potential security issues.

Position Tasks:
Contact us for additional information.

Visual Media

The Visual Media team loves to glorify God through our creativity. If you’re gifted in capturing moments in a photo or video, this may be the team for you! You will get the chance to take photos and/or video for our various events and weekly services and ministries. Join us in pushing our creativity further at XR Church!

Position TasksKnowledgable of camera equipment, lighting, angles, and have the eye to capture smiling faces in real time. Ability to highlight stories and activities of the service or event through photo or video while doing so in a non-distracting manner. Coordinate with Team Lead on any specific footage that is needed (whether for social or archive purposes for future use) 

Associated Spiritual Gifts:
Knowledge (systematic and inquisitive) Service (unselfish and practical) Discernment (perceiver and emotionally intelligent)

XR Kids  (Newborn - 5th Grade)

XR Kids is all about Jesus being the best part of every kids life. We want to create a space that every kid, of all abilities from newborn to 5th grade, want to come back to. As a XR Kids team, we are strategic about: Ensuring a safe and encouraging experience, sharing Jesus with love and passion, bringing fun and enthusiasm, and connecting the family to the church. 

Position Tasks:
: If you’re great with kids, but better with parents, then the XR Kids Check-In Team is for you! You’ll be the first person that families see to help make sure the kids are checked in properly and off to the right class. Greet and meet first time guests and families at check-in to make sure they have the best experience at XR Kids. Support with any check-in needs or entering dataAssist with troubleshooting the process.

The Cove (Newborn - Pre-K): If holding babies or giving little ones a high-five is your forte, then the XR Kids Pre-K Team is for you! Help these children (and their parents) feel loved, welcomed, and safe.You will help each child that is coming into the venue, confirm any necessary instructions from parents/guardiansCare for and respond to needs of childTeach or assist with the weekly Bible study. 

The Studio (Elementary): God calls us to have childlike faith, so why not have some fun and act like kids while following Christ? If you’ve got the energy and the joy, joy, joy down in your heart (where?!), then The Studio Team is your fit.Welcome kids into the space with an enthusiastic and welcoming attitude Assist with games, crowd control and creating an environment where kids grow in friendships and their walk with God.

Associated Spiritual Gifts:
Encouragement (comforter and counselor) Evangelism (outgoing and well-spoken) Apostleship (well-spoken and worldly)

XR Youth (6 - 12 Grade)

If you had a time machine and wanted to change your middle or high school self, we can’t help you; but you can help out the upcoming generation find Christ and live fully for Him by partnering with our XR Youth ministry!

Areas of involvement include: Hospitality, Production, Worship, Games or Connect Groups.

Position Tasks:
Welcome first time students and parents/guardians; Connect with students in a way that communicates “you belong here.” Help provide a space for students to grow in community, friendships, and in their walk with the Lord. Assist in one or more of the following areas: Check-In, Hospitality, Production, Worship, Games, Connect Group Leader. Support XR Youth initiatives with major theme nights, outreach events and/or other non-Wednesday hangouts (i.e., Takeover Nights, activity, etc.)

Associated Spiritual Gifts:
Discipleship (instructing and caring) Evangelism (outgoing and well-spoken) Leadership (motivator and visionary)

Prayer Partners

The Prayer Partners team is all about faith to believe that God is who He says that He is and can do what He says He can do. In doing what James 5.13 says, we have the opportunity to pray for those stepping out in faith and partner with them in praying God will respond in a miraculous way. 

Position Tasks:
Participate in a training to properly and orderly pray with people during and/or after the Sunday or Wednesday worship experiences. Hospitable, caring, loving and supportive for people with all requests. Attentive to the needs of people and ability to encourage their next steps.

Associated Spiritual Gifts:
Discernment (perceiver and emotionally intelligent) Prophecy (Holy Spirit-driven and wise) Encouragement (comforter and counselor)


As part of the Auditorium team, you will have the opportunity to meet, greet and seat every guest that enters the church! Our team works together to ensure our guests are not just seated efficiently but are connected with through conversations. So if you love meeting new people, working as a team and don’t mind carrying a folding chair the Auditorium is the place for you!

Position Tasks:
Manage auditorium flow before, after, and during service to ensure that guests are quickly and efficiently to their seats. Work with the Prayer Team to lead those coming down for prayer to the appropriate Prayer Partners. Assist with the organization, clean up and straightening of chairs after each service to make sure the auditorium is ready for the next service. Assist with any service disruptions, distractions.

Associated Spiritual Gifts:
Administration (task-oriented and efficient) Shepherding (nurturing and caring) Hospitality (detail-oriented and welcoming)

Next Steps

Do you love meeting new people? Is helping someone with their next steps your specialty? Then you’ll be right at home with the Next Steps team! Whether it’s getting a first-time guest settled in or helping someone sign up for their first XR Church event, we are excited to connect the dots for those who are ready to make a move.

Position Tasks:
Serve at the VIP desk or in the Connect Center. Greet first time guests with a warm smile and welcoming spiritGood at conversations and helping people take their next step - whether that’s Growth Track, Baptism, Connect Group, Serve Team, etc. Readily available with event details and helping someone register as needed.

Associated Spiritual Gifts:
Encouragement (comforter and counselor) Evangelism (outgoing and well-spoken) Apostleship (well-spoken and worldly)


Our worship team assists in creating time and space to encounter the Presence of God at our weekend gatherings, First Wednesday's or in XR Youth. Our heart is to glorify God with passionate and excellent musical expression.

Position Tasks:
After submitting a Serve Team interest form, our Worship Director will follow-up with your interests and with what the various roles (instrumentalists/vocalist) entail. 

Will be requested to submit an audition video and/or participate in an onsite audition.

Live Production

Do you ever find yourself captivated by the atmosphere of the service, such as lighting, audio and/or video elements? Maybe the Live Production team is a good fit for you. Whether it's operating a camera, switching the video shots, providing the lyrics for people to sing along to or orchestrating the lights for the mood of the room, there is a place for you.

Position Tasks:
Online Team (engages with viewers that are watching online) 

Operate a handheld or mounted camera throughout worship and the message.Find and create unique and engaging camera views to create the best footage. Support and adhere to the direction of the Video Director. Help maintain camera care by putting away and wrapping cables. Run and operate lighting pushes and transitions during worship and message. Coordinate with Production Team to help coordinate smooth service transitions. Run and operate song lyric slides for worship team. Edit and update lyrics or message notes (Video, picture, scripture, etc.) as needed.

Associated Spiritual Gifts:
Knowledge (systematic and inquisitive) Service (unselfish and practical) Discernment (perceiver and emotionally intelligent)

Must arrive before service start for rehearsal/set-up (typically 1.5 hours before)

*Must be able to attend and support weekend services when scheduled.

Care Team

The impact of Crossroads Church isn’t on the talent of a few or many, but on the love and care of people. The Care Team is all about showcasing God’s love in a variety of ways, whether writing an encouraging note, making a phone call, following-up from Baptism weekends or visiting someone in the hospital.

Position Tasks:
After being assigned a prayer request response, send a handwritten note in a timely manner, or offer a follow-up phone call to pray and encourage. As part of the Prayer Team, you will assist in responding to submitted prayer needs to the church and offer a short, powerful written prayer. 

Associated Spiritual Gifts:
Service (unselfish and practical) Evangelism (outgoing and well-spoken) Mercy (empathetic and caring)

Connect Group Leader

Groups are at the heart of community here at Crossroads Church! Group Leaders create community with a small group of people by meeting with them regularly, providing encouragement, prayer and engagement in their lives.

Position Tasks:
Host and organize consistent group studies (weekly or bi-weekly). Direct and lead topical discussions using XR Church service information. Engage everyone in your group to ensure positive group experience for all and manage conflict between group members. Attend leadership trainings hosted by XR Church Staff.

Associated Spiritual Gifts:
Leadership (motivator and visionary) Encouragement (comforter and counselor) Discipleship (instructing and caring)

NOTE: Interview with campus Groups staff representative and complete XR Church Leadership Agreement

Campus Support

We serve on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s from approximately 10:00a-12:00p, preparing the facilities to be Sunday ready as we welcome home first time and already family members.

Position Tasks:
Provide general administrative or facility support, such as cleaning and collecting trash in venue spaces, restrooms and everywhere in between. Ensure that the auditorium and other venue spaces are ready for the next service (i.e., straighten chairs, add seat cards, etc. Coordinate with administrative team for any prep work for needed for upcoming events. 

Associated Spiritual Gifts:
Service (unselfish and practical) Administration (task-oriented and efficient) Hospitality (detail-oriented and welcoming)

Events & Environments

Did someone say party? Our team loves to celebrate what God is doing and so we like to take care of the details for planning and executing events at Crossroads. Do you love style and decor? Do you love planning and organizing events? Do you have building? Then the events team is so for you! We get to come together to reimagine, create, install, and everything in between to show guests that we care about them.

Position Tasks:
Creative, innovative, have an eye for details and enjoy having fun decorating. Coordinate with the Events Team Leads for vision and execution. Projects include decorating, light construction, painting, rearranging, etc. 

Associated Spiritual Gifts:
Service (unselfish and practical) Hospitality (detail-oriented and welcoming) Craftsmanship (creative and detail-oriented)

Kingdom Builders

Whether you’re a business executive with 40 years of experience or the stay-at-home parent with a heart for giving, Kingdom Builders is a group of people who have the gift of generosity and want to expand the Kingdom of God through their financial gifts. 

Position Tasks:
Support the church financially with faithful, planned and intentional giving; Receive annual report of XR Church impact; Meet and connect with other Kingdom Builders annually. 

Associated Spiritual Gifts:
Giving (gracious and supporting) Wisdom (knowledgeable and applicable) Faith (visionary and confident)

NOTE: Interview with Kingdom Builder Team Lead 

Step One: Complete Growth Track

Step Two: Join your team!